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Thanksgiving: T minus 3 [Nov. 21st, 2005|03:02 pm]
Oh no! I don't have enough cloth napkins! I've sent my partner on a mission to find some and today the actual cooking starts. I've already completed the cranberry-apple chutney which turned out tasting pretty good. Then came two batches of Cream of Butternut Bisque, one with chicken broth, one with vegetarian broth. Both taste great with just a bit more complexity to the vegetarian version. One pie shell made and it has turned out better with the butter particles a wee bit smaller, so 2 more to make.

We've found additional chairs so no one will have to sit on the piano bench. Its all coming together though I look at the kitchen and realize I need to get more cooked so I can get things put away for T day itself. This kitchen needs more storage space!