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Bringing Families Together [Jan. 18th, 2006|04:37 pm]
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[mood |naughtynaughty]

listening to: Brokeback Mountain (Unabridged) by Annie Proulx

There's an interesting story over at the conservative Weekly Standard by Mark Tooley. Seems that Soulforce is planning to have LGBT families out in force at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll on April 17th. So how will the conservatives react? Or more to the point how will they manage to exclude these families from participating. I have no doubt that they will, just wonder how they'll rationalize it…

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[User Picture]From: weekilter
2006-01-19 02:33 am (UTC)
What a coinkidink! I listened to BBM today while I was aimlessly walking away the miles on the treadmill accompanied by Cardio Theater®. It's interesting to see how closely the short story follows just as the feature film does though there are slight differences.
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